By Guy Greene

After short hiatus, Puffco has revamped and reintroduced their signature coil based concentrate-only vaporizer, with the Puffco Pro 2.The first thing I noticed was the stainless steel design, which looks right at home next to a high end chefs knife or an engineer’s caliper. The new smaller body has shrunk to barely over 4 inches and can easily fit in a small purse or men’s watch pocket.

Even though the size has shrunk, the battery has received an upgrade. Right out of the box I got multiple days worth of use. The Atomizer chamber has also been enlarged. How did they gain all this space and still make their smallest pen yet? Magic. Or maybe advances in battery technology.


puffco-pro2-7112One piece of the Pro 2 that may go unnoticed is the small gear-shaped “splash guard” in the mouthpiece, which does a great job of catching any bits of boiling concentrate before it can go in your mouth.



The Puffco Pro 2 is built like a tank, but if you want to preserve it’s perfect stainless steel finish, you may want to keep it in the sleek case that comes with it. I’d fault Puffco for not leaving room in the case for concentrate, until I learned about their Prism concentrate carrying cases, which are unique, and great!


While I prefer the flavor I get from their other vape, the coil-less Puffco +, There’s no doubt the Pro 2 gets the job done in style reliably, for multiple days without needing to charge.

The Puffco Pro 2 is in stores now for $89.99.

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