If you’ve ever used a vaporizer or smoked cannabis concentrates, you’ve probably gotten the sticky resin on your fingers at some point. Or how about on your clothes? Maybe a sticky doorknob? Usually when this happens I have a thought like “There’s got to be a better way”

Or how about you’re about to take a dab after a long day and your torches fuel runs out. There’s got to be a better way!

The Dipper aims to solve a few different problems at once, and you can really see that Dipstick Vapes has done their homework.

Worth noting first is the design. The Dipper is made so you can take a powerful dab directly out of whatever vessel your concentrate is in – removing the need for a dab tool, a torch, and the need to “load” anything.

In the simplest of terms, it’s a heated straw. One end gets red hot, and the other end is the mouthpiece. It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity. It also gets some weird looks.

Don’t get me wrong. The main reaction it got as I introduced it to different dabbers I know was “dude… yes!” But there’s no doubt that upon first seeing someone use it, they look like a dabbing butterfly, sucking the sweet nectar from a flower. Luckily, it really does work well enough that any apprehension over the way it looks doesn’t last long.

As if reinventing dabbing weren’t enough, they have also made it so you can unscrew the heated tip and instead use the battery to power a traditional dual coil titanium wrapped atomizer, for when you want to be a little less conspicuous while consuming, or so you can load the chamber and leave your main stash back at home.

Over all, the Dipper feels well made. It feels slightly heavier than most portable vaporizers, in a way that lets you know it’s really all made of metal and contains a good sized battery. Also, the chrome finish seems thick and unlikely to chip easily.

Having lived with it for a few months now, I’ve really come to enjoy the Dipper. I’ve been exclusively using the Dipper tip, rather than the included atomizer. It’s just so convenient!  Also, I love the way it draws. The air passage on this thing is way bigger than any other portable device I’ve used.


  • Powerful dabbing experience with no torch or dab tool
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great battery life
  • Works as a traditional vape as well as a Dipper


  • Some people were a little put off by the way it looks to use it.
  • Can’t really think of any other con’s!

The Dipper is available for $149.99 at www.dipstickvapes.com