If you’re reading this, I’d guess you’re one of two people. Either you’re someone who dabs regularly with a traditional dab rig and torch, or you’re someone who’s researching to upgrade from a vape pen.  If you’re in the first group, toss your torch in the garbage, you’ve found what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to upgrade from a vape, beware! This is like going from drinking water from a garden hose to drinking from a fire hose!

At it’s core,  the boost has three components. The body, which is packed with a big battery, a nail (titanium, ceramic, or quarts), and a spill-proof bubbler attachment.

It might not seem that much bigger than a traditional vaporizer, but this is about as strong as consuming cannabis gets, maybe with the exception of strong edibles.

The battery is impressively strong. The body is only about this size of a small flashlight and can heat the nail upwards of 600 degrees multiple times. Each time you heat up the nail, it stays going for about 20 seconds, then for safety and to preserve battery life, it automatically shuts back off. Their website says it should do this 30-40 times on a charge. I wasn’t able to get quite this many dabs off a charge, but I never found the battery life lacking.

For the nail, some people have a preference between titanium, ceramic, and quarts. I tried tasting the difference, but after two or three dabs, I’m lucky to even remember my name! You’ll have to try and find your own preference. Luckily it comes with all three types.

The spill-proof bubbler is a godsend. A little bit of water filtration goes a long way to cool down those 600 degree dabs, and you never have to worry about spilling the bong water again. one downside, since it’s spill-proof, it’s also hard to clean. Basically pull the bubbler off the unit, fill it with rubbing alcohol and shake it like a Polaroid picture until all the gunk is gone.

The Boost: Black Edition is essentially the same product as the original Boost, but with a few welcome improvements: Three bigger nails that can handle bigger dabs, and a premium wood grain carrying case. 2 years ago, if you told me this package cost $500 I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash. Unless it’s lot or stolen, consider this the last dabbing product you’ll be buying for years to come.

On second thought, once you get comfortable with the Boost, you may want to have a look at all the crazy awesome glass attachments HERE


  • Well-constructed. All metal, no plastic!
  • No more torches!
  • Bubbler attachment is great, you’ll be spoiled after the first time
  • metal/magnet carb cap and dabbing tool. Some e-nails come with glass ones, which break easy
  • Bundled carrying case, silicon jars, low price, make a great all in one purchase.


  • While portable, definitely harder to be discreet than a vape pen.
  • One-piece bubbler can be a pain to clean. two-piece bubbler available as an additional purchase.
  • Quarts nail on mine didn’t fit. I’m sure customer service would have replaced it if I asked, though.


Get more details or buy a Boost: Black Edition HERE