The Firefly 2 is a top-tier portable vaporizer that can vape both flower and concentrate, and uses Dynamic Convection technology.


Firefly tries and succeeds at building a product that looks at home next to brands like Apple and Pax. It comes in a variety of colors and different wood-inlay top lids. The addition of magnets in place of any threads means it never gets gummed up and is a breeze to clean.


Not many portable portable vapes can reliably vape both flower and concentrate. The Firefly 2 doth both very well, although it can take a little getting used to. Flower is really where it shines. You can dial in exactly the right temperature on the accompanying app, and the flavor is fantastic. The app is also mandatory to switch the heat setting for vaping concentrates. To use concentrates, it comes with little metal sponges that fit in the bowl to keep the oil from leaking out.


This unit my be on the pricier side for a portable vaporizer, but it’s ability to be useful for any type of material, premium construction, and included second battery, make its price justified.

A Few Notes

People transitioning to this unit from either dabbing or pre-filled oil pens may have a bit of a learning curve. I’ve taken it to a few parties and most people first reaction (other than liking it’s sleek design) is to think it may have run out of batteries because it takes a few seconds to heat up. The convection heating design also means you are encouraged to take a 7-10 second pull, which would be a guaranteed coughing fit if you were hitting a pre-filled pen, so people are timid.

Also, as I mentioned previously, you have to pair the unit with your iphone or android device to be able to change the heat settings, so be sure to have that downloaded before you head off on some adventure where there’s no internet connection.

Over all, this is a well made vaporizer for flower and concentrates, and would make a great gift for any cannabis enthusiast.

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