Elevated Insider is a collaborative of like-minded cannabis enthusiasts, each with a varying experience level and background. Meet the Founders: Guy and Ollie.


About Guy: Guy Greene took an interest in cannabis as a teen seeking something to brighten his mood and boost his creative sensibilities. After a long career stationed behind a desk, Guy is now exploring the medicinal properties of marijuana to relieve chronic back and neck pain. A lover of cutting-edge gadgets and cannabis concentrations, Guy is excited to experiment with new innovations as the green-industry continues to gain momentum in the technology space.

  • Stoner Level: Daily Intake, Moderately Experienced
  • Favorite Strain: Purple Kush (Indica)
  • Weirdest Experience: Woke up high, but still had to go to go to work at a construction gig. Ended up on scaffolding with a 10-foot paint roller losing his damn mind. Went home sick.


About Ollie: Olivia Jayne is new to the wild, wacky world of weed. Her bright-eyed altruism keeps the E.I. crew on their toes. So many questions! Ollie is a self-described “creative type” who loves to cook, listen to good tunes, and explore art. Ollie is a smoke-free stoner opting for consumption methods like vaporizing and extremely low dose edibles. Ollie is most interested in getting to know the amazing souls involved in the industry to learn how cannabis has positively impacted their lives.

  • Stoner Level: Occasional Intake, Newbie
  • Favorite Strain: Sugar Kash Mango (Hybrid)
  • Weirdest Experience: First time eating an edible got too high and crawled to a dark bedroom to escape an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance?” Sneakily ate popcorn in bed while watching reality morph into a black and white cartoon behind her eyelids. Hasn’t watched SYTYCD since.