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My Most Memorable High: In the series of smoking sessions that comprise your stoner life, some days stand apart in our mind’s eye. Tell us about your most memorable high—be it wild, thought provoking, poignant, or just plain  crazy.

Dope Recipes: Do you have an ultra-secret family recipe made more magical by weed? How about an innovative way to make rosin or canna-butter? Give us the 411 on your favorite 420 recipe.

Stoner Chronicles: Life is a trip and we want to hear about yours. From hard-working marijuana professionals to recreational smokers, “A Day in the Life” provides a frank and intimate look into the lives of those impacted by the cannabis industry.

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Thought Leader Interviews: Top talent is flocking to the cannabis industry and with good reason—It’s a veritable gold rush! Thought leaders and influencers provide high-level insight, giving consumers a glimpse into the future of the industry.

Industry Event Coverage: Festivals, trade shows, bud tastings, and more—We would love to attend your event and amplify the exposure of your brand.

Featured Product Review: At Elevated Insider, we love learning about new gadgets, smoking implements, edibles, home décor and accessories—everything cannabis related, really. Let us share how your product differs from the competition whether it be a cutting-edge technological innovation, drool-worthy flavor,  or exceptional design vocabulary.


(Want a deeper look at E.I. Product Reviews? Read on, dear explorer…)

We aim to provide consumers with honest product reviews that reflect real-world use scenarios and build trust with our fan base. Remember, consumers aren’t reading our reviews to find a bullet list of features; they can find that on your website. They’re trying to determine if your product solves their problem. That’s where we come in.

We do our best to empathize with the target audience for each product—Sometimes this means a little constructive feedback, but we feel authenticity paves the way to influence and in turn increases your ROI. We’ll take into account product value for price, unique features, design, and effectiveness. Depending upon the complexity of a product, written reviews generally range between 400 -1,200 characters and include a photo.

Our team is busy building our catalog of online and print product review. At this point you’re probably asking, “What do I need to do to have my product or service featured on Elevated Insider?” Great question!

  • Ship a product review unit to the Elevated Insider HQ.
  • E-Mail us any pertinent product information and/or press releases.
  • Provide one product photo for use on our website and social accounts.
  • Once the review is published, share a link on your online channels.

If you’re ready to start getting the message out regarding your latest products, contact us.